RAF Lossiemouth Autumn Camp

From 20 – 27th October 2018, Cpl Redhead and Plt Off McCully attended Autumn Camp at RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland. Continue reading to hear Cpl Redhead’s report on the camp.
The Autumn annual camp this year was held at the Regional Activity Centre for Scotland and
Northern Ireland Region, RAF Lossiemouth. This was a joint camp between Central and East Yorkshire Wing and Durham and Northumberland Wing. Being at the end of October, it tended to be a bit cold. Nevertheless, there was a wide range of activities held, from Section Visits to Hangar Exercises. I’ll first cover the Section Visits.
Like most blues camp, on Lossiemouth we got to visit various sections of the base. The first was the RAF Fire Section, in which we got to look around the fire engines they had, and learn what different equipment was used for. We also got to use water cannons on the fire engines, and use fire extinguishers on controlled fires. We next got to visit 1(Fighter) Squadron, a Quick Reaction Alert Squadron. We got to look around a Typhoon, and learn the history of the Squadron. Finally, we got to visit the 2622 Royal Auxiliary Regiment. Whilst we were there we got to see what weaponry the RAF Regiment had and was allowed to get hands-on with the weaponry as well. We also had a Hangar Exercise later in the week, in place of a Night Exercise since it got quite cold. In the Hangar Exercise, we got to do First Aid, Vehicle Searching and other Leadership exercises. We went to the nearby City of Elgin where we went bowling, which was quite fun and different from the other activities thus far. Then, towards the end of the week, we had a Drill Competition. We had been practicing the routine throughout the week and on the final full day, the Station Warrant Officer viewed both Flights routines. Throughout the week we did other activities such as movie nights and Gliding Part Task Trainer Ground School Finally, we went to an outdoor track and got to do Go Karting. This was quite fun as well, mainly because I got the fastest lap
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed RAF Lossiemouth and would highly recommend anyone into going next year, since I had a lot of fun and believe they would to.

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