Radio Success

6 cadets from the Squadron attended a two-day course at the weekend, learning new skills for the use on the Squadron radio equipment and gaining their Bronze Radio Operator badge and certificate.

Starting with a refresh of the basics cadets were involved in not only practical sessions but theory sessions as well, allowing them to gain more experience with using the radio equipment. The start of the weekend went quite slow when we were doing a refresh of the things we already learnt but it was a good re-cap. By the end of the course the ball started rolling faster as we were learning new things. At the end of the course the cadets sat a theory test and then an on-air assessment.


Congratulations to all 6 cadets who passed their Bronze Radio Operators; hopefully, these cadets will move on and progress to their silver level.


What did you do this weekend?

If this interests you in the Air Cadets then follow this Link


Article produced by Sgt Winder

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