Adult Staff Team

The Adult Staff team work tirelessly to provide an exciting and diverse range of activities for all of our cadets….they are all volunteers and give up a huge amount of their own time to benefit our young people.

Of course, none of the squadron’s activities would be possible without the dedication of the staff, who give up their Tuesday¬†and Thursday evenings and many weekends to help run the unit.

Flight Lieutenant McCully RAFAC

  • Role On Sqn: Squadron Commander
Flight Sergeant Dawson RAFAC

  • Role On Sqn: Squadron 2IC/SNCO
Sergeant White RAFAC

  • Role On Sqn: Radio Officer
Sergeant Davison RAFAC

  • Role On Sqn: Fieldcraft Officer
Civilian Instructor Livingston

  • Role On Sqn: First Aid/Sports Officer
Civilian Instructor Lowes

  • Role On Sqn: Training Officer/H&S
Civilian Instructor Milner

  • Role On Sqn: Adjutant/Shooting Officer
Civilian Instructor Penny

  • Role On Sqn: DofE Officer
Civilian Instructor Phipps

  • Role On Sqn: Aerospace/IT Officer