As Civilian Committee

The Air Training Corps is structured in such a way that as well as the military influence there is an allied civilian structure. In fact, Civilian Committees are the backbone of the Corps and determine the running of the ATC from Squadron level through to representation on the Air Defence Council.

Each ATC Squadron has a Civilian Committee. These comprise of parents and friends of the Squadron. Their role is to ensure the Squadron maintains direction, assisting the Commanding Officer and raising funds.

Fund raising is very important as although each Squadron is allocated a small sum towards its administration costs all other expenses must not be paid for from public money and therefore has to be paid for by the Squadron itself. Other than Flying, Gliding and Shooting and some sporting activities all other activities are funded through fundraising.

Many parents and friends get a great deal of enjoyment, pleasure and fun out of assisting ‘their’ Squadrons as members of the Civilian Committee. Committees meet to their own timetable, usually once per month, under the direction of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Most Squadron Civilian Committees will be very pleased to accept offers of extra help – even if you can not commit to regular or long term assistance.

If you wish to discuss joining our squadron, contact the squadron.