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Obstacle Course, Orienteering and Overseas Camps!

Obstacle courses are used as a fun teambuilding exercise within the Air Training Corps. The aim for the team is to get around the course safely in the quickest time. Obstacle courses can be used as part of annual camps, such as at the annual Warcop camp (which is currently underway), or as a standalone activity. All obstacle courses are different, however they all have common features, such as walls to scale, beams to traverse, nets to climb and ropes to swing on. Working as a team is the only way to complete all aspects of the course, as well as to motivate each other through the obstacles. The course is designed to challenge participants both physically and mentally, with some features involving height which some may find more difficult than others.

Orienteering forms part of the family of Adventure Training activities on offer to cadets. Like with map reading for a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, orienteering involves getting from one place to another using the given map. The may will normally be of a smaller area with a different scale to allow greater detail to be provided. The aim during orienteering will normally be to locate items or objects which are hidden at marked locations. Orienteering is one of the competitions cadets participate in during the annual AT Challenge.

Overseas camps occur each year and are open to the more senior cadets within the ATC. This year, @DNWAircadets were allocated places at Sennelager Camp in Germany. Our own Cdt FS Riley attended the two week camp in August, which brings cadets from around the country together. During the multi activity camp, visits were made to cultural and historical sites, as well as various section visits around the base, in addition to the sports and fieldcraft sessions which form part of a UK based blues camp.

Do you fancy getting involved in any of these activities? Are you up for fun, adventure, incredible experienc1423es and making new friends? Aged between 12 (and in year 8 ) and 17? JOIN AIR CADETS. We are recruiting now, send us a message to find out more and join us next week as we continue our #WhatWeDoWednesday articles.

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