Shooting Success For Seaham!

Within the last month the Squadron has had cadet’s busy shooting in 2 different competitions. 5 cadets from the squadron have competed in ISCRM (Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting) and 2 cadets competed at Imperial. We have also had 1 cadet attend the Corps National Shooting Camp.


ISCRM, is a shooting competition using the L81 target rifle where cadets are required to shoot at a target at various distances, scoring from 5.1 to 0. Team 1338 placed 3rd in the Cardiff memorial trophy competition, which is awarded to the highest scoring team in Durham and Northumberland wing. This year was said to be very tricky as the cadets had next to no shooting practice; however, the cadets did very well and 3 of our cadets ended up bringing a cadet 100 badge home with them. Cadet 100 badges signify that the individual is one of the top 100 shots in the country.


Therefore, a special congratulations goes to Cpl Kennedy, Cdt Cooper and Cdt Bell who have managed to claim their cadet 100 badge at ISCRM in 2018. Although this would not have been possible without their hard work and dedication, it would also have not been possible if they didn’t have a coach to gave them advice on how to improve. Thank you to CI Milner who coached this year’s team at ISCRM, if it wasn’t for her then we wouldn’t have brought back 3 cadet 100 badges.

Also, the 2 cadets competed in this years Imperial competition. Imperial is a self-coached shoot, meaning that they do not have a coach and they must score them selves and adjust their own sights. Well done to Cpl Phipps and FS Riley for competing in this year’s Imperial competition.


Finally, in the last week of July 1 cadet from the sqn attended the Corps National Shooting camp. The camp was split into 3 streams, 1st one being no shooting experience, 2nd being some shooting experience but not with the L98-A2 GP rifle and the 3rd being quite a bit of experience. The cadet was put into stream 3 as he had quite a bit of shooting experience. Therefore, at the start of the week he started off by firing the L98-A2 rifle working their way through the Cadet Live Fire lessons 1 to 7. Which also included opportunities to earn marksman badges. By the end of the week the cadets in stream 3 managed to get their Weapons Handling Test for the L86 Light Support Weapon and some cadets even got to live fire it. Once again, well done to Cpl Winder on achieving his Silver Trained Shot badge.

Article Produced by CPL Winder

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