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Instructional Technique, Initiative exercises, International Air Cadet Exchange Scheme and Inter-Squadron Swimming Competition!

As part of the development of the older and more senior cadets within the ATC, Instructional technique training in the form of a method of instruction course allows the cadets to develop their skill set, confidence and public speaking ability. Delivered at wing level, the method of instruction course provides participants with an understanding of the techniques used to deliver an effective lesson to a group, as well as how to tailor the sessions to the needs of the group. The course concludes with a practical assessment back at the squadron, where the potential instructors deliver a session of their choice to a class, while being assessed for their suitability. The squadron currently has a selection of instructors who regularly assist in the running of the parade night.

Lateral thinking when solving problems can often help develop other skills within a group of cadets. Initiative exercises are one way to do this. They normally involve a task or problem for the group to complete, usually with a set of parameters which must be maintained. They range from table top, classroom based tasks to large scale exercises using a variety of equipment, however no matter what the task, they all aim to develop specific skills, for example communication, teamwork or problem solving. They also allow the natural leaders to demonstrate their ability under pressure.

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets are not the only air cadet organisation in the world and as such, each year a world-wide exchange programme, the International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) Scheme takes place. IACE, which includes 18 countries, gives over 500 young people the opportunity to participate in a once in a life time opportunity, heading off to partner nations to get a taste of their culture and cadet experience. Open to cadets aged 17-19, places are always limited, with less than 100 available to the entire ATC each year.

In the next week, squadrons from around the wing will come together to compete in the annual Inter-squadron swimming competition. In preparation for this, cadets from the squadron teamed up with @324 on Monday to practise their swimming techniques, as well as completing swimming proficiencies at various levels.

Do you fancy getting involved in any of these activities? Are you up for fun, adventure, incredible experiences and making new friends? Aged between 12 (and in year 8 ) and 17? JOIN AIR CADETS. We are recruiting now, send us a message to find out more and join us next week as we continue our #WhatWeDoWednesday articles.

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